Cross Country & Road Club Week

Junior Information

Many of the children who run with us play another winter sport on Saturday morning and then run with us in the afternoon. Sometimes the running events clash with other sports.

We are very flexible, accommodating and try to minimise the level of obligation. Whilst we encourage club and team commitment via the Club of the Year competition and relays, our relaxed approach is the best way to cater to the individual needs of members.

Feeling successful is always enjoyable. Our unwritten philosophy is to encourage our juniors to be “the best they want to be” catering for all levels of ability & motivation. We endeavour to recognise effort, improvement and performance to maximise the numbers of successful members.

We are one of the only clubs to offer our juniors something every weekend. Our club events are popular and often attract visitors from other clubs.

There isn’t officially a youngest age that you may run with us but the youngest grade with Athletics Canterbury is Grade 10 (i.e. under 10 years old at the end of the current year).

The average distance for Grade 10 is 2km, approximately 3-4km for Grade 12 and 14 and 4-6km for our older juniors. All ages are taken as at 31st December in the current year. You must tell us which events you want to enter, usually about two weeks in advance. When entries are required we will send you reminders and links to our online forms. All relay teams are selected based on club trials or current form.

Junior Club Week

We have training groups for athletes of all abilities

This is NOT compulsory but it makes racing more enjoyable if you do. There are a number of opportunities to train together with other club members.

Our winter juniors can take advantage of five training sessions each week. Training runs start during the first week of Term 2 and run until the end of the third term. There are no training runs in the holidays, unless arranged.

We meet on Monday 4.45-5.30pm. Our youngest runners learn race skills and gain fitness through fun and games. Hosted by Graeme Clarke and Sarah Johnson.

Hosted by Richard Brunton and Andrea Stocks on Monday 4.45-5.30pm from the Clubrooms. This is for those children who want a more serious run of 30 mins and may include structured fartlek running, pyramid running and steady state running along with relays.

This is run with Craig Eustace on Mondays. For secondary school aged runners who want more serious training of 45-60min. Details of run advertised in weekly email.

Senior Club Week

Senior training is held throughout the year.

The winter season runs from approximately the middle of April through to the beginning of October.

Athletics Canterbury sets a comprehensive programme offering a variety of cross-country races and relays. These generally increase in distance as the season progresses. Mid-way through the season the cross-country programme winds up with the Canterbury cross country championships and the National cross country championship (hosted by a different region each year. After cross-country the programme turns to road racing. Generally the final event and highlight for many is the eight-person relay from the Sign of the Takahe to Akaroa.

There is no compulsion for members to participate in any or all of these events. Picking and choosing is OK. There is even on option for runners to be social runners only, attending training, club runs, and club championship events.

Unlike a lot of sports our events are never cancelled for weather reasons, making it a very reliable exercise.

This session is held from the clubrooms. It is devoted to drills that are designed to help runners perform more efficiently, increase speed and reduce injury occurrence. Also included in this session will be some efforts of running at a higher speed than normal training.

Held from Girl’s High School in Matai Street/ Deans Avenue. This is an easy run of around 45 minutes. Depending on numbers and abilities this may split into groups.

Saturdays are devoted to competitive events or club runs, see the club calendar for more details. Christchurch Avon members also support ParkRun

Sunday for most runners is ‘long run’ day. During the winter we meet at the Sign of the Takahe at 8:30am and run in the Port Hills. This run is generally around 90 minutes. Again distances will be adjusted to suit the group or groups of runners. Do not be intimidated. We will have someone to run with you. Summer time this run may alternate between the Port Hills or Bottle Lake Forest.

See our contact page for a list of contacts for Cross Country & Road