Club rooms Update.

Dear Chav Member,

Some of us think our Club rooms could benefit from a bit of a refurbishment. Recent good work to remove a lot of old stuff from the downstairs area has created space that we can make use of to gain upstairs room.

At a recent Executive meeting we discussed a few ideas and priorities for updating and these are set out below. However, we would like to hear from you about your ideas, and to know if any of you have skills or contacts that would be helpful.

Exec’s Proposals:

Remove the Hot Water cylinder from the cupboard space on the right side beside the sink to utilise this underused space to allow installation of a bigger Trophy Cabinet.
Install the Merit Board on the wall beside the cupboard area to complement the trophy cabinet.
Relocate athletics equipment from the back room to downstairs onto shelving to be installed. This frees up space for uniform storage and fitting, and stores equipment downstairs where it is easier to move through the wider doors.
Relocate the Freezer to downstairs to free up space.
Replace the old furniture. It’s well beyond “best before date”.

Your Help Needed: Plumber who could help remove and disconnect the water cylinder?

Electrician to get lighting working better downstairs

Anyone with connections in Furniture or Flooring trades

Your Ideas: What is important to you for our Club rooms?

What concerns do you have about our proposed changes?

What ideas, suggestions do you have about club rooms or downstairs?

Please send your ideas and offers to: Fleur Pettengell

Thank you

John Palmer

Club President